Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Importance of Hispanic Heritage Month: Marketing and Self-Esteem

When we arrive in the United States we share in the experience of being Latin Americans in a new cultural environment. That is a shared experience, the experience of being different from the receiving culture, and the experience of slowly becoming different from the culture we came from. That means that we are not from here and not from there "ni soy de aqui ni soy de alla." We become part of a third culture, a concept I have discussed in an earlier blog.

What I mean is that part of our common identity is the shared experience of being of Latin American origin living in the United States. That shared experience contributes to a way of being, thinking, and feeling that differentiate us Latinos/Hispanics from everyone else.

Hispanic Heritage Month is meaningful to us, Hispanics or Latinos (depending on label preference), because it represents the celebration of that experience. The experience of being unique in this great country.

This celebration also has side benefits that are related to marketing. It enhances our self-esteem because it tells us we are legitimate while being different. Also, savvy marketers help by emphasizing the achievements and contributions of Hispanics in this Country. Those who understand the opportunity and talk to us honestly and and with candor can enhance their brands. It is because they are linking their brand with the celebration of our identity.

Comprehending the deep implications of how a brand can acquire emotional significance is related to understanding the way consumers feel about themselves. Hispanic Heritage Month is good for both Hispanics and sincere marketers.

Clearly, one celebration is not enough to create a link between the consumer and a brand, but it definitely is a step in the right direction.

I like seeing television shows in English television talking about the importance of Hispanics in the United States. I like seeing celebrations all over the country.

While we have many differences among those of us coming from the different Spanish speaking Latin American countries and Spain, we become united by the shared experience of language, history, relationship to the supernatural, and being unique in this great Country. It is the shared experience associated with our values and beliefs that we celebrate.

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