Thursday, March 22, 2012

Multicultural Marketing Communication Certificate at FSU

This Spring the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University started offering a Graduate certificate that can be completed online by almost anyone with an undergraduate degree, anywhere in the country or the world. The full description of the Certificate can be read by clicking HERE. The graduate courses that compose the certificate are:

ADV 5415 Hispanic Marketing Communication- This course looks at the largest and fastest growing minority in the US and examines appropriate ways to culturally connect with them. Offered in the Spring Online

ADV 5605 Account Planning- Enables students to obtain cultural insights from consumers across different cultures and segments – Offered online during the Summer

ADV 5416 Multicultural Marketing Communication- Reviews cultural differences and similarities and provides the context for research projects to better understand the consumer communication and behavior of these emerging groups – Offered online in the Fall.

MMC 6469 Diffusion of Innovations- This course is an examination of various theoretical and practical issues pertaining to communication's roles in the diffusion of innovations across cultures- Currently only available in the classroom during the Summer, but since the Certificate allows for a course substitution, remote students can take a course in their own location in the classroom or online from another institution of higher learning upon approval of the administrator of the certificate.

For information about enrolling to the above online courses please contact Charlotte Suffront-Garcia at

This is an exciting development and we invite inquiries and applications to the individual courses and the Certificate program.

We also started an undergraduate version of the certificate for those who have not completed an undergraduate degree.  You can see the description of the Undergraduate Multicultural Marketing Communication by clicking HERE.