Friday, December 1, 2006

Hewlett Packard trying harder to reach Hispanics

Great to know that Hewlett Packard is placing a stronger effort in reaching out to US Hispanics. They have a new Spanish language website, bilingual sales representatives, Spanish language sales materials, and is even placing Spanish speaking employees at certain retailers to explain products. Those are steps in the right direction, particularly because those less likely to have computers and Internet access are more likely to be Spanish dominant.

One approach that I have been a proponent of is to reach out to the Spanish speaking community instead of waiting for them to come to you. That is something HP is not yet doing, or anyone else that I am aware of. Those less likely to purchase computers are also less likely to go shopping for them because they do not understand the usefulness of these machines.

My proposal is to have "Tupperware" like parties but with computers instead of plastic containers in the homes of consumers. In this context, those consumers that are still reluctant to enter the computer and Internet era, can examine in a stress free environment the usefulness of the machines. They can connect to websites in their countries of origin, chat with relatives, and in general come to the realization that computers and the Internet are useful for them. I bet that many Spanish dominant Hispanics would purchase computers in this type of sales environment. To reach out to those who are hard to reach, one goes to them as opposed to waiting for them to come to us.

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