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Hispanic Marketing: Connecting with the New Latino Consumer

By Felipe and Betty Ann Korzenny
Forthcoming August 1, 2011

This book is about using cultural insights to connect with Latino consumers. It's about marketing strategies that tap into the passion of Hispanic consumers so that marketers and service providers can establish the deep connections they need for a successful campaign. This book provides an understanding of the Latino consumer that goes beyond simplistic recipes.
This highly revised and expanded edition comes on the heels of new US Census figures: Hispanics now account for 53% of the US population growth since 2000, soaring to over 16% of the total population. Corporations are now realizing that they must incorporate Hispanic cultural values into their products, services, and communications.

This edition reflects and responds to the profound changes the Latino market has experienced since the first edition. It considers the way in which changes in cultural identity, immigration, economics, and market synergies need to be addressed in a new relationship with Hispanic consumers.

Twenty-five new industry case studies illustrate the chapters. These case studies show how brands from diverse categories have developed a cultural understanding of their Latino target and created campaigns that established strong bonds.

Selected endorsements:

“Felipe and Betty Ann have evolved their earlier work on Hispanic Marketing into
a new and even stronger work that pushes the reader to become more strategic
and thoughtful when developing marketing platforms for Latinos. The conceptual
framework of Hispanic Marketing: Connecting with the New Latino Consumer
is a thoughtful approach around creating marketing actions that are based on a deep
understanding of Latino culture. The reader is provided the tools to be able to better
interpret the cultural nuances of being Hispanic and how to make more informed
and empathic marketing decisions.”
J. Alexander M. Douglas, Jr., President Coca-Cola North America

“Drs. Korzenny have produced another masterful work that takes us on a historic
Hispanic cultural journey that allows us to understand the heterogeneity of Hispanics
while applying this information to contemporary marketing strategies.”
Richard Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS, 17th Surgeon General of the United States

“My life just got easier. Excellent marketing begins, but doesn’t end with excellent
market research. Excellent market research begins with a clear understanding of
how to ask and interpret meaningful questions. Bravo to Felipe and Betty Ann for
making this abundantly clear in their new book. Reading this helped me clear my
head of some of the old notions I was clinging to. I feel like I’m dating the Hispanic
Market all over again!”
Michael Halberstam, Interviewing Service of America

“As this seminal book notes, smart, good business requires rephrasing the question
from “How can we translate our ad so it reaches Hispanics?” to “What will
be the right motivational appeal to emotionally reach Hispanics?” Fortunately for
us all, Felipe and Betty Ann provide solid, well-researched answers. Everything
starts with the heart. To cite but one powerful example from this book, to Anglos,
Captain Morgan and his rum works fine, but to Hispanics exploitative pirates mean
something else altogether.”
Dan Hill, President, Sensory Logic

“If you’re a marketer looking to better understand the lucrative Hispanic segment, then
this book is for you. Felipe and Betty Ann Korzenny take you on a journey inside
the mind of the Latino consumer and provide you with the perspective and facts you
needed to design more effective and efficient Hispanic marketing strategies.”
Gian Fulgoni, Chairman, comScore

“Noting that there are over 50,000,000 Hispanics in America is one thing.
Understanding how to connect your brand with them is quite another. This book is
filled with marketing competitive-advantage built on cultural connection.”
R. Barocci, Advertising Research Foundation President/CEO

“This essential manual for the field demonstrates how to navigate and leverage
one of the single most impactful demographic and cultural shifts affecting
the US marketplace. The Korzennys' perspective as true veteran practitioners
in the Hispanic marketplace and accomplished academics beautifully sheds
unique light in this updated edition on a comprehensive array of issues including
the most relevant topics discussed in the industry today—from shifting language
and acculturation issues to the digital world of Hispanics. Having spent
the past twenty years researching cross-cultural consumer differences, I found
this a refreshing read. It is equally valuable to the novice and experienced multicultural
marketer as the book strikes a strong balance of demystifying the
complex Hispanic market and offering guidance on honing skills to think differently
and identify culturally driven consumer insights.”
Adrien Lanusse, Director of Global Consumer Insights, Netflix

“This is the most complete book I have read to date on the cultural and economic
reality of the Hispanic market. It is truly a “must-read” book for anyone in the field
of education or marketing communications targeting Latinos. I congratulate Felipe
and Betty Ann for making this edition such an excellent resource for those of us
involved in the research and analysis of this important market.”
Fernando Figueredo, Chair of the Advertising and
Public Relations Faculty at Florida International University

“This book is a must read for anyone wanting to gain a deep and nuanced understanding
of the new Latino consumer. It is an apt tribute to Felipe and Betty Ann's many years
of experience, both as scholars and practitioners in the field of Hispanic marketing. It
is, without question, the best book out there on the subject of marketing to Latinos.”
David Morse, President and CEO, New American Dimensions

“Well beyond the statistics in 2010 Census, this new book leverages the Korzennys’
deep understanding of the Hispanic culture and market and provides both novice
and expert alike with valuable nuggets, practical case studies, and core consumer
insights that underpin the tremendous opportunity of the Hispanic market and
clearly highlight overall impact on the “now” generation of growth markets.”
Cynthia Nelson, President, Todo Bebe

“In their lively conversational style, Felipe and Betty Ann Korzenny provide real live
case studies packed with practical advice that show you how to develop winning
strategies to beat your competitors. Hispanic Marketing: Connecting with the
New Latino Consumer , Second Edition is your one-stop source for everything you
need to boost sales, launch new products, and increase your Hispanic market share.”
Charles Patrick Garcia, President, Garcia Trujillo

“Felipe and Betty Ann Korzenny are the preeminent experts on Hispanic marketing.
There is research and there is real world experience – nowhere will you find a more
practical and salient distillation of what it takes to be successful in the Hispanic
market place than in this book.”
Michael Durance, CEO, Call Genie

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